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Curtis “Chino” La Forge

curtis “Chino” LaForge
Phone: 808.283.5295
Email: Chinobrah@yahoo.com 

Chino LaForge is Mauiʼs most recognizable comedian. This is not only for his infamy in the comedy world, but also for his stature and “look”. This 25 year old man stands at a large 6ʼ5”, 250 lbs; and is of mixed backgrounds: Hawaiian, Korean, Guamanian, German, French, Irish, Polish, and Native American. In light of such a wide spread nationality, this living example of world-wide love can tell any racial borderline joke without the fear of being offensive.

Chino LaForge was the original opener for the Maui Celebrity Series in 2009. These performances include work with the likes of William Shatner, Paul Rodriguez, Roseanne Barr, Tom Arnold, Hal Sparks, and more. After the Maui Celebrity Series completed in 2010, Chino had taken to the road and began his first  mainland tour across the state of California. Some of these shows include comedians Whitney Cummings, Chris Dʼelia, Melinda Hill, Aziz Ansari, and more. As home sickness took hold, he returned to his home island just in time to participate in the “Entirely Too Much Information Tour” with the infamous Steve-O from MTVʼs Jackass. Now, Chino is looking for work abroad as well as continuing to wow his audiences at home.

For the past 5 years, he has been blessing stages all around the island, and setting the ground work for the beginnings of what is now Power Up Comedy. When being talked about, one word comes to mind when attempting to describe him... Versatile. With on stage experience in theater, improv, music (Guitar, Bass, and Drums), spoken word, freestyle hip-hop, combat, and stand up; this comedian can truly do anything. From humble beginnings of open mic stages and scattered birthday parties to a much more dynamic variety of performing opportunities; Chino is ready to entertain which ever audiences are willing to sit across from him...

Are you ready?

Curtis “Chino” LaForge